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However, not every spy app performs in the same way. These apps differ in the installation process, features, compatibility, and price.

We have reviewed the top spy apps for android mobile phones and come up with the best android spy apps of the year. Read on to know which android spy app has got a spot on our list of 3 best spy apps for android in The android monitoring solution of TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced spy programs.

Facebook Tracker

It is designed for parents and employers to keep their children and workers under surveillance. Given are core features of the android monitoring app. The high-tech spy app lets you monitor real-time mobile phone activities of kids and employees. The end-user can send remote commands to the targeted android cell phone to start screen recording. It captures whatever appears on the phone screen.

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The app also offers screenshots to be taken without taking the targeted device into possession. The Android spyware app gets access to data relevant to commonly used social media and instant messaging apps. The spy apps for phones allow turning on the camera and microphone of the monitored Android device.

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Using these tools, the end-user can take photos and make videos of the surroundings. The app supports both rooted and unrooted android mobile phones. However, the rooted mobile phones can only run a basic package of the spy app offering limited features. The price of the monitoring software depends on selected features and subscription period.

These prices are subject to change and discounts.

How Facebook Messenger Is Spying on Your Every Move

You can see recent price and package details of the android spy app here. The mobile phone monitoring app of mSpy is one of the most reliable spy apps for android.

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It comes preloaded with a wide range of features enabling users to monitor and control an android phone without physical access. Read on to know about the core features of the cell phone tracker app. The android spy app allows monitoring popular social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. The user can track messages exchanged via the above mentioned social messengers. The monitoring of messages and phone calls is among the basic spying features.

The android tracker app allows tracking the GPS location of the monitored phone.

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You will get to know how your kids and teens are using mobile phone camera to the fullest. User can monitor and listen to the Voice messages of the Facebook instant messaging app to the fullest with the use of Facebook monitoring software. User just need to install the cell phone spy app on the target device by getting access to the web portal activate the Facebook tracking tool that can monitor the Facebook Voice calls. Facebook audio and video conversations are popular among teens and parents can view the audio and video calls logs of the messenger.

They just need to install mobile phone tracking app on the target device and just need to use the spy software for Facebook to view the audio and video conversations logs.


Facebook is one of the classics when it comes to social networking apps and it has gained absolute amount of popularity among the people of all ages. No matter you are kid, teens and an adult am damn sure that you have installed Facebook app on your android cell phone. It is full of fun give you opportunity to interact with people belongs to different countries, cast, color and creed.

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You can perform plenty of activities on Facebook such as you can send and receive text messages and text conversations, share media as photos and videos and audio and video conversations and Facebook Voice messages. Furthermore, you can fix photo and cover photo on your profile, add friends, and last but not the least make comments and received comments on your photos, videos and on your written posts.

Facebook can be monitored with complete time stamp on the target cell phone for the purpose of parenting and employee monitoring within the working hours respectively. It provides great deal of privacy and security and people can mingle with each other on the messenger via Facebook features that we have discussed earlier. No doubt it provide opportunities for the users to interact with the people you did not met in real —life before, on the other hand it has become a real headache for parents.

Because teens and kids has started using it as dating app and at the end of the day your child may encounter with the cyber bullies, stalkers and sexual predators if they have provided full access on their profiles data such as compromised photos and videos. So, parents need to take care of their children when they are using Facebook not to share their privacy. Simply they just need to use the Facebook monitoring app on children and employees devices. They can use it for check out the Facebook logs such text messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos, audio and video conversations and Facebook Voice messages to the fullest.